True Life: I work at a domestic violence agency

Let’s face it. Domestic violence isn’t a pretty topic, so I understand why I get some of those reactions. If I could describe to you what working at the agency was like the easiest way would be to imagine living in a LifeTime Movie. Seriously, the things I read and the stories I hear from our clients are nothing that anyone would imagine to be real life. It is real life, and it is their life.

How To: Do what you want in a world where people tell you not to do something because “everyone” is doing it.

Hey everyone, thanks for reading! I’m writing this post because I’m annoyed, and I feel like I may not be the only one. Call me “Sensitive Sally,” actually I would prefer “Passionate Penny,” but either way, my sensitivity/passion is what lead me to be a blogger. There is a real talent in being able to […]