True Life: I work at a domestic violence agency

Let’s face it. Domestic violence isn’t a pretty topic, so I understand why I get some of those reactions. If I could describe to you what working at the agency was like the easiest way would be to imagine living in a LifeTime Movie. Seriously, the things I read and the stories I hear from our clients are nothing that anyone would imagine to be real life. It is real life, and it is their life.

The Awkward Moment When: You’ve Finished Your 1L Year, But You Don’t Know if You’ve Made the Cut

Classes officially ended for my first year of law school on May 10th.  At this point, I’m excited for two reasons: 1. I don’t have to look at a casebook for about two whole months 2. I start my internship at a domestic violence agency.  That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s be real, I […]

How To: Do what you want in a world where people tell you not to do something because “everyone” is doing it.

Hey everyone, thanks for reading! I’m writing this post because I’m annoyed, and I feel like I may not be the only one. Call me “Sensitive Sally,” actually I would prefer “Passionate Penny,” but either way, my sensitivity/passion is what lead me to be a blogger. There is a real talent in being able to […]

I don’t think I want to share my New Year goals with anyone.

No offense but, yea. I’m leaning towards privacy for a couple of reasons: The reasons I have listed below have come as a result of me realizing things about myself, and not from anything that someone has done to me specifically. I’m just interested in the outcome.  For me, sharing goals creates unnecessary added pressure.  […]