Too Much Dip on My Chip.

I can tell that my life is in a good space when I have more of a desire to write. The last time I was consistently writing was July. I mean seriously…what happened after July?! Let’s think…

giphy (2).gif

  • I moved out in August to my first adult apartment. When I say “adult apartment” I’m referring to the fact that I had to furnish it and I actually had to call an electric company to get my utilities turned on (in college they did that for you, but I digress).
  • I had to get a car on my own! Meaning no more of my mom paying the car note or insurance. *sigh*

Reading that list, doesn’t it sound like I should be bragging and “living my best life?” The truth is…I was! BUT, I was also now in a position almost completely free of any assistance from my parents. This is/was new.

You see, I just HAD to move out of my parents house. I love them to pieces, but they each had way too many rules, rules that were entirely too harsh (in my opinion) for their 23 year-old favorite daughter lol.

So, I moved. *POW* Big expense. Next, it was time for me to unexpectedly have to get a new car. *BAM* Big expense. Suddenly I went from living practically bill free to feeling like my checks flew right out of my hand. Suddenly I feel like I’m getting beat up. LOL, good one God!

Speaking of God. I begged Him to get me in this apartment and how did I act when I got the freedom I wanted? By  being too “sleepy” to attend church on a regular basis and essentially neglecting my relationship with Him. You miss one Sunday and suddenly it’s been  a month. And this is where I think God was sitting up in heaven looking at me like:

giphy (1).gif

To tell y’all the HONEST truth…I was making it work (even though I truly hated/hate bills lmao), and because I was making it work, and doing what I once only dreamed about I started feeling myself like no other. I think that was the last straw! God needed to humble me.



December 2018. I am now studying for finals and without a car. I learned that my insurance wasn’t great and how to ride public transportation. Now I really couldn’t make it to church. Now I really wasn’t “living my best life.” Now I really felt/feel humble.

This story has a happy ending don’t worry! I got a car after riding the bus and ubering everywhere for roughly a month. I got WAY better insurance lol. I met all kinds of people on the bus who really helped me to see things from a different point of view. I gained a new appreciation for my parents because they were picking me up from my late classes at school so I wouldn’t have to ride the bus at night (so sweet man).

As crazy as this sounds, sometimes when you get everything you want, you forget WHO helped you acquire it (well at least I did). Don’t start feeling yourself too much once you accomplish new goals. Always stay grounded. Always.


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  1. Yes indeed those are big transitions… for anyone… at any point in life. Transition = Stress… Even if it’s a good transition! Your parents definitely looked out for you with those late class pick-ups…. Gotta Love ’em! Well welcome back boo! Glad to have you! I did a double take when I saw a post from you… lol


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