I’m not depressed…just not rich.

I decided in May 2018 that I could no longer live with either of my parents. I love them to pieces, but I love my peace of mind more. I saved the money I earned from my internship over the summer and added that to the financial aid I received from school and made the big move.

I like having an apartment, but moving out for me was equivalent to my parents doing less for me, which is understandable (I guess). I thought that having my own space would be the answer to all of my problems, but in reality, it created a little more than I anticipated.

RENT = Paying for a place to sleep instead of brunch.

The biggest thing I had to adjust to was the fact that I am still a student, and still, live on a student budget. It wasn’t and hasn’t been too bad, prioritizing my funds and saying no to a Sunday-Funday or a WingNight here and there at the beginning.

The hard part came during those times when rent was paid for but the funds for fun were non-existent. I started to notice myself becoming irritable for no reason, anxious, and ultimately a lack of interest in things that I am passionate about (my health and my blog to name a few).

I realized that stressing about money was causing me to become frustrated with everything. I was frustrated that I moved out because I didn’t really have to budget when I lived with the ‘rents. I was frustrated with school because it took up so much of my day, making it nearly impossible to work. I was frustrated with the cost of healthier options of food and just started eating like a garbage disposal.  I was just frustrated with the fact that living on your own is so expensive. Like I knew, but I didn’t KNOW.


Good News:

I got a job. My schedule for next semester is a whole lot better and includes gaps that would allow me to continue working. And…

I started reading more as I got my money’s worth in rent lol. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck helped me understand that the reason I am frustrated with not having the extra spending money I would like is likely due to me equating happiness with money. I definitely feel my happiest when I can buy (and do) what I want (s/o to Drake), but I can’t let that be the measuring stick of my happiness. There is always more money to be made, which means I’ll always feel like I don’t have enough, and I’ll never fully enjoy my present blessings.

Going Forward…

Know that a majority of your peers have felt some sort of financial stress at some point in their life. You can find comfort in certain situations where you know you’re not alone. This stress causes people to do things they probably would never do, so be aware of when you’re going too far. Take time to determine your financial goals, be real with yourself about how you can reach them. Sacrifice something.  Sulking in your sadness is the worst thing you can do because it makes you no money. Ease up on comparing yourself to other people. Start saving, it is never too late.

“You’re not broke. You’re just pre-rich.”


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