Would You Wear Your Natural Hair in an Interview or Professional Headshot?

It is 2018 and the debate about what is considered to be “good” hair in the Black community has since died down a tad. Natural hair from texture 1A (idk if this is even a thing lol) to texture 4Z (or this lol, I’m just dramatic) has been embraced by black women all over social media and in real life. I mean, seriously, can you even count how many #naturalhair pages there are floating around on Instagram and YouTube?! Exactly. *snap snap* yas fro

I am very proud of us! We are reclaiming what our beauty looks like. Progress is progress, but let’s be real…would you wear your natural hair in your professional headshot or interview?

Natural hair in the professional pic? Or Nah?

I will be the one to break the ice and say that I am nervous to do such a thing. Yes, nervous about wearing my OWN hair in a professional setting until I see another black woman at the office with hair like mine to make me feel at ease. I only have one headshot to date, and as I am preparing to take more, I realized that my weave collection is a lil skimp, but wearing my natural hair was the LAST of my options! WHY? In all honesty, I feel like I have been half-way loving my natural hair. Let me clarify. I only love my hair in certain styles and still secretly wish I had hair like my 3A texture and softer textured sistas.  The look of a sleek bun gives off the “I’m put together and I mean business” vibe, but what vibe will my afro give off? Do I look like I am the “angry Black woman” or the woman in the office who brings race up at any chance she gets? *sigh* First impressions are a kicker.

#HonestyHour: I’m the girl with an “interview wig.” This is the “corporate friendly” wig worn in all professional settings! Here she is:

(Sidenote: I hate this wig now and I am in dire need of a need headshot. Straight hair or fro, that is the question!)

Live footage of me after an interview: wig off

Truthfully, I am still in the process of falling in love with my natural hair. I am still in the process of feeling confident around some of my non-black peers, and I still put a heavy emphasis on being accepted and “looking the part.” Maybe the next step in that process is to be who I am unapologetically, professionally, and naturally. After all, the fro is going to come out eventually.

What are your thoughts? Is the fro in the headshot a no-go? What is your go-to professional hairstyle?

In the meantime, let us all go forth and take those headshots, send out those resumes, and network Queens!signature (1)

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