Not Your Regular Fancy Evening At An Art Gallery

I was invited to an event on Friday evening (June 29, 2018). Me being a blogger was the basis of my invite (moving on up in this world!) so I could not turn down the opportunity.  As I parked my car I became slightly annoyed with myself because I had not researched the speaker before I arrived. In this case, I had done myself a favor. Yewande Austin, a beautiful soul in an equally beautiful space! I am excited to share a bit of my experience at one of Houston’s newest art galleries. I’ve separated this post into a “speaker” section and a “gallery” section so feel free to skip around!

The Speaker

Yewande Austin, she’s worth a Google search and then some. Yewande is an activist with accolades as long as the receipt from a 50% off sale (really long). As a person passionate about music, but even more passionate about helping the world around her and global progression, Yewande has used her talents to help children in Nigeria become equipped with the necessary life and educational skills to lead a better life. The children that Yewande focuses her efforts on have been living day to day on less the $1 a day, many of them have been separated from their families or have witnessed them being completely slaughtered.  Many of the girls have become victims of sex trafficking, and unfortunately, abuse of different forms has become a part of their norm.

Yewande may not be able to end human trafficking in Nigeria single-handedly, but she is well on her way to creating a better quality of life for these deserving women and children. Last night she spoke about her plans to create an ENTIRE VILLAGE (all caps because you need to see this ok!) It will take $1,000 to build each home that will house a whole family some as large as ten people. My blog post has only scratched the surface of Ms. Yewande’s works. If you would like to learn more about the village check out her website. If you would like to donate you can do so through her GoFundMe.

The Gallery

As a young Houston socialite (in my head lol) I love it when the fabric of Houston is expanded by the creation of such spaces as Issue 01 Art Space. Don’t try Google-ing the name just yet because this gem is scheduled to open to the public on September 13, 2018. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the gallery.  (This is just a Jaylin-ing exclusive sneak peek! You’ll want to see these in person. Simply breathtaking)

“Hip Hop is Dead” by Robert Hodge. Third Ward, Houston, Texas native.
An Ayo Scott piece. New Orleans, Louisiana native.

These next few pieces are my absolute favorites. These were all created by Brandan Bmike Odums from New Orleans, Louisiana. Would you believe that these were created completely out of spray paint?! Yea, I know, my jaw dropped too! Check out his website for purchases and more amazing art!


Lady behind the iPhone lens. The author. Would it really be a Jaylin-ing post if I didn’t drop a self-portrait?!

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