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This post made my day ❤️ Everyone go check out Shania’s blog!


When I first began blogging, I had no idea where to start. I knew what kind of blog I desired to create, but I had no clue where to go and create it. I began going to media social media accounts (twitter and instagram) looking for inspiration. I came across a lifestyle blogger named Jaylin on Instagram. I immediately noticed she was a blogger and decided to check out the link provided in her biography.

Here’s a link to one of my favorite blogs by Jaylin: The Best $24 I have spent in 2018. 

In September 2017, I decided to reach out to Jaylin for advice on starting my blog. She was very nice and answered every question I had. She advised me to always have nice pictures to post and relatable topics for my viewers to read. Since that initial conversation, we keep up with eachother’s blog and continue…

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