My Mom is PISSED: I cut my sister’s hair (:

I am laughing as I write this post, and you would be too if you knew my mom. The best way to describe her is old fashioned. My hair history says more about her than a description!! My hair was permed when I was 3 years old. I got perms every two weeks. All my mom’s doing. I know she thought it was best, and all in the name of looking decent, which we did, but my hair was crying out for help. Fast forward to my college days I decided to go natural. I went bald (not really bald but super short!!). I had had enough of the damage. Years of being told by stylists that my hair was “nappy,” and wasn’t the kind of hair that would look nice naturally.  I had gotten to a point where I didn’t care, still don’t care, and I believe my job as an older sister is to help my sisters realize that they are beautiful naturally and that straight hair doesn’t equal pretty.

Here are my sisters and mother. Mikayla, Mayah, Mom, Me, and Kelsea. (I am the oldest).

giphy (9)

Mikayla is the focus of this post. She 12 years old, and has been natural all of her life. Her hair is a softer texture than mine, which made it easier to manage, but also extremely vulnerable to heat damage. I was able to talk my mom out of perming her hair, but that didn’t stop sis from scheduling flat iron appointments. I know my mom only wanted the best for us, but I do believe a lot of her efforts stemmed from the belief that natural hair looked “unkept,” as my grandmother would say, and of course she wasn’t about to have her children walking around with their hair “not done.” As you can see, Mikayla has a bun in the picture. A bun full of heat damage to be exact. The nighttime hair routine in an attempt to make the curls pop in the morning slowly began to stop doing the trick. Her ends were fried. She wanted it gone. Fast forward to last night:



We did it!!! We called our mom first to let her know. She said ok, but I don’t think she was prepared for the length. I love it and most importantly Mikayla loves it. Her curls are poppin and the cut frames her face so well!! I am so very proud of her. At 12 years old I didn’t have half of the guts she has to cut my hair this short!!! Mikayla is definitely my new super hero ❤ How did I do guys?

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  1. She looks absolutely adorable!!! But back to the ‘unkept’ comment…I too sorta kinda feel that way growing up… and I know it has EVERYTHING to do with the media… where was Black Panther, Lupita, Viola, and the bald women of Wakanda when I was growing up!!!!! Oh and these natural hair Youtube stars have also given natural hair a new rep…I mean… #NaturalHairGoals are in now! lol…. In any case, Mikayla is so blessed to have a big sis like you!!!! Good Job Sis!

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  2. You did excellent! I think that length is very cute on her! You said a mouthful about the older women of color. My aunties, grandma’s, cousins, smh they all gave me a hard time when I did my big chop. Even my dad was upset. If you can look in the mirror and like what you see looking back at you then nothing else matters. Kudos to you for being an excellent big sister! Enjoyed your post!!

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