The BEST $24 I have spent in 2018


Everyone, I have a very important announcement to make. I have unlocked the world of synthetic wigs! I love wigs, I don’t talk about them much on my blog, but that will change. Why? Because Jaylining is all about “Life. Law. Things I Love,” and wigs falls into the “Things I Love” category. This wig I’m wearing is so amazing, and I am afraid I have found a new money-spending hobby. BUT! The good thing about this wig is that it was ONLY $24!!!! Here she isssssss *drum roll*


giphy (7).gif

Sis….I know….I too was in complete and utter shock! This wig looks and feels like African American hair if it had been blown out. I love the texture of it and the curls add a super sassy look. I have to be honest and say that I did cut the wig. Originally the wig was 20inches, but I wasn’t ready for that much synthetic-ness just yet. With synthetic hair, the hair gives off the illusion that it is fuller! I always shoot for a more natural looking wig, so the long tresses weren’t what I needed.  I don’t feel bad about cutting it because of how cheaply priced it was.

I would like to thank my friend Amanda and countless hours on youtube for giving me the courage to try a synthetic wig out. Do I like it better than bundles? Mmmmm, not necessarily. I would say that each type of hair serves a different purpose. Bundles are for everyday wear and synthetic is every so often hair. Synthetic hair can get matted as we know so you can’t just throw your wig off! Take care of the precious thing! Also, this wig can take up to 400 degrees in heat. I wouldn’t flat iron it only because I don’t see a need to! I did, however, place an iron on where the closure is to lay it just a tad bit flatter.

Okay, so you want the wig?!?! I want you to have it too!! The wig I ordered is an Outre wig, and I ordered it from  I ordered a color 1B. I will be back soon with a review of how the hair is holding up!

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  1. Great Post Jaylin! I can’t lie I love my synthetic wigs; I was really poppin with them freshmen year! ( you can be a diffrent girl everyday) I actually loved it more than bundles but that might be because I had two bad bundle cases lol!! Here’s a tip you may already know but to keep them fresh I mixed water and conditioner in a spray bottle. YASS poppin. And those thing lie they do not take heat well. But when I wanted to curl I wand it and while hot wrap it around a flexy rod that helped a lot!

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    1. Wow thanks so much Zariah!! I didn’t know about the water and conditioner method! I will definitely be buying a few more I can tell!!! Thanks for reading girl ❤️


  2. I’m in love with this wig! I have definitely starting wearing wigs mostly because it allows me to take care of my hair underneath and I can switch it up! Can’t wait to hear the review about it’s been holding up! I will definitely try that site out for my next wig.

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    1. Yes girl!!! I definitely suggest if you don’t want to spend too much! Zariah gave me a tip on taking care of it so hopefully It will last a good while! Thanks for reading 💕


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