How To: Do what you want in a world where people tell you not to do something because “everyone” is doing it.

Hey everyone, thanks for reading! I’m writing this post because I’m annoyed, and I feel like I may not be the only one. Call me “Sensitive Sally,” actually I would prefer “Passionate Penny,” but either way, my sensitivity/passion is what lead me to be a blogger. There is a real talent in being able to write your thoughts out cohesively! (don’t get it twisted *snaps*)

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Alrighty, now that I have your attention. *Taps mic* Raise your hand if you have ever had an idea to start something (a blog, a youtube channel, a new business, photography, etc), told someone about it (close friend or not), and they responded by saying: “I think its cool and all, but….it seems like everyone is doing that these days.” For me, it didn’t even have to be an actual friend of mine that would say something like that! Have you ever been minding your business fantasizing about that thing you want to launch, and then BOOM, someone tweets “ugh ____ is so overrated now.”  *Closes Twitter app* *Deletes the idea from my head*

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That’s a mood kill if I’ve ever experienced one. So now you’re thinking to yourself, “dang, maybe they are right, it is oversaturated, I probably won’t get big.” Do you want to hear the honest truth? Oversaturation is real, the chances of you becoming a super rich and famous Youtuber are pretty slim, and people may not always make your photos go viral on Twitter with retweets. The only reason any of this will discourage you is if you are attempting to pursue something for all of the wrong reasons. Not every blogger will receive free things and not every Youtuber will be able to quit their job. The important thing to remember here is you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Lebron didn’t let the fact that there is already a Micheal Jordan to stop him from being the best of his time! You have something to offer that other people just don’t have!

So how do you move on from the hater-ish comment you friend just made? Remind yourself of these things:

  1. What do you want to create? Why? Write it down. Organize it. Start it.
  2. Platforms like Youtube and Instagram were not meant for only one person to use, so that means there is room for you despite what your homegirl/boy said!
  3. Imagine how cool it would be to look back on your creations years from now.
  4. Imagine how many people will probably be inspired by your story, your viewpoint, your style, and your spirit!
  5. People who tell you “too many people are doing it,” tell themselves that and that’s why they haven’t been living their best life.
  6. Don’t limit yourself! We live in a time where people are actually making careers out of doing what they love in MULTIPLE ways! The quickest way to sell yourself short is to suppress your creativity!

*Steps off of soapbox* I hope by the end of this post you have a new spark of confidence in you to do whatever it is that you have been dreaming about. I pray that you don’t allow any outside influences to stop you from discovering any new talents that you have. I for one am looking forward to all that you produce! The world is waiting!!

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  1. “Platforms …. were not meant for only one person to use, so that means there is room for you ……!” — PREACH ON!!!

    I DEFINITELY got these kind of comments ‘after’ starting my blog…. not intentionally directed at me, but would obviously affect me.

    Girl, how many singers/rappers/preachers/speakers do we have out here in this world? What makes anything different is the PERSON doing it.

    Ain’t but one Jaylin and one Mac in this world… so let’s do this blog thing boo! — And encourage each other along the way!

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    1. Yes Mac!!!! I get so sad when I see that people feel like they can’t support or encourage others because of fear that their shine will be taken! There’s room for us all to prosper 👏🏾❤️

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  2. I definitely believe in following your dreams despite peoples opinion. People often project their insecurities onto others. I honestly believe that over saturation doesn’t exist. I feel like it gives us more options. I love being able to read different blogs and watch different channels on youtube because each person offers something unique that another doesn’t.

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