#MeetBikeEat + Photo Worthy Food: Drunken Chicken

I’m super dooper (duper?) excited to tell you guys about my weekend. When it comes to “Jaylining,” I’ve been at this thing for about 22 years, but in all of my years, I have never had an excuse to throw on my moto-jacket and actually ride a bike! (The smallest things excite me as you can tell) Of course, anyone can just go ride a bike at their leisure, but not every day do you get MEET other people, BIKE with that same crew, and end your journey EATing at a new exciting location! I introduce to you MEET BIKE EAT a Houston based organization bringing people together through good vibes, food, and bikes. IMG_1178

Special thanks to Mickey (white shirt, green shirt), she is the organizer of Meet Bike Eat. Mickey was so very welcoming and attentive! I’m a little rusty at this bike riding thing, but she thoroughly went through the basics and street rules. I was nervous, but I felt safe and that is all that matters!

So now I’ve got you excited about biking and you want to join right? Right! But, you also have questions…I think I have some answers!

  1. You don’t have to have your own bike. When you click the link I listed above you are directed to a page that will allow you to rent a bike for $20. (not bad!)
  2. You don’t have to be an athlete. The distance we rode was about 2.9 miles. They aren’t speed biking, more of a leisure trip.
  3. You can wear whatever you want. I would go with something that is comfy and trendy! We took a pit stop at a bar/lounge so I would try an dress in comfy shoes for sure, but make sure your outfit is one you would feel stylish and comfy in. (Jeans are out of the question for me lol, I wore a romper and tennis shoes, the moto jacket came off because I got a little toasty).
  4. Lastly, we had a central location (bike shop) that we road to and from. The restaurant we went to wasn’t bikeable, so after dropping off our bikes we all went to the specific restaurant.

Ok so we met, we biked, and now WE EAT!

We ended our day at King’s Bierhaus a German restaurant in Houston! This was my first time at a German restaurant, so I was unfamiliar with the food options. When in doubt ask the waiter. I asked and he answered: THE DRUNKEN CHICKEN. And so, it was hadddd (dramatic effect)

This dish was my first stab at a skewer this full lol!

Two Skewers | House Marinade | Bier Garlic Butter | Grilled Peppers & Onions | Served with King’s Rice.


I had an absolute blast biking with Mickey and the crew. I will definitely be back, especially since they helped ya girl figure out how to use those pesky brakes!


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