Photo Worthy Food: Brussels Sprout Super Salad

All I have to say is Timmy Turner from the Fairly Odd Parents had me and many other millineals in denial! I have woken up and smelled the veggies. Brussels sprouts are amazing when cooked and seasoned properly. However, this was my very first time eating them in salad form. I have clearly been missing out. This delicious salad was from Dish Society here in Houston, Texas baby *Beyonce voice*

This super salad includeded: shaved brussels, shredded kale, organic quinoa, dried cherries, golden raisins, shaved almonds, parmesan, topped with house honey vinaigrette.

I’m really picky about my salad to dressing ratio and this was just right! All fresh and local ingredients. I am not a fan of raisins, but somehow I found myself scraping the bottom of the bowl! I was definitely still hungry…..


Live footage of me feeling like a bottemless pit:


Live footage of me deciding, “TO HELL WITH CALORIE COUNTING!!! INDULGEEEEE!”:


Pretzels + queso = something I have never tried and have clearly been missing out on. Seriously guys, this dish was mouth watering. The pretzels were the kind that you get from the mall slightly crunchy but super fluffy on the inside. Coated with butter and with each dip of the gouda cheese I fell in love. I really like food y’all, and I love telling y’all about it even more! Thanks for reading!


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