2017 Was…Ummmm…Lol

It is December 31st, 2017 10:16 pm and I am writing a blog post. Funny because I went through the trouble of finding an outfit, RSVPing for a party, washing my hair…all to decide that I’m just not feeling it lol. So, here we are! Hey, yall and thanks so much for reading!

I wanted to make this post a recap of 2017. Basically some of the best and worst moments. Here’s the nutshell version:

I started a blog! I cried a lot good and bad tears. I was dumb over a guy. Really really really dumb, but hey. I turned 22. I graduated from the University of North Texas. I started law school at Thurgood Marshall School of Law. I had some issues with my confidence. I had an on and off relationship with God. I moved back home. 

It wouldn’t be a year without lessons right?!? 

  1. A person will only go as far as you allow them to go with you. I don’t mean this to say that people are evil and you have to have your guard up 24/7, but I do think that you have to know what it is that you will and will not accept. Stick to it. Don’t bend.
  2. MAXIMIZE your SINGLENESS. Seriously. I hate that our world today (more specifically social media) puts so much of an emphasis on relationships. Relationships can make or break you, distract or direct you, and either be an asset or a liability. Loneliness is understandable, but don’t let that be the reason you find yourself in a situation you can’t let go of. What I mean by “maximize” is just that!! Make the most of it! Especially if you’re around my age! At 22 the world is yours and you would be doing a disservice to yourself if you put all of your energy/time into looking for a mate.
  3. Keep NOTHING past its expiration date! Just like milk, many things in life are only good for a certain amount of time. INTERNALIZE THAT. Holding on to something past the expiration date does two things: 1. makes you sick (metaphorically and literally) if you continue to consume (engage/tolerate) 2. it takes up space! In 2018 you need all of your space for all of the greatness coming your way…make room!

Me enjoying 2018, accepting all challenges with a positive attitude, respecting myself and my time, and working towards my goals:

giphy (1).gif

One last thing!!!

So I won an award yall! A blog award! I feel pretty awesome about it and would love share with yall. Here it is! The Liebster Award created for bloggers given by other bloggers as a way of showing recognition within the community of bloggers! I am truly honored, because, well I like to write but I never really expected people to like it. This is so heart-warming.

the-liebster-award-pastelI was nominated by  Thenakedwriterblog please go check out her blog (click the link). She is someone I stumbled upon when I was feeling very alone and unhappy with some of my decisions. I found a post of hers that resonated with me so much it scared me and I’ve been hooked to her vulnerable writings ever since. The world needs more people like her <3.


    1. Trust me, the reason I wrote that is because I found myself doing the same thing. It’s hard, but searching for someone can be draining for me and I just want to see how far I can go if I direct that energy into something productive and let love find me.

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing 💓


  1. Great Post Jaylin! I’m glad you made a point about not letting this go past its expiration date. I really needed that because I feel really bad but somethings just gotta go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m guilty of holding on too long! It’s hardddd but the benefits of letting go are so much better! 💓


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