End of the Year Evaluations

Alright yall, the new year is HERE! Don’t panic. I’m not into panicking, and you shouldn’t be either…Whether you read this tonight or tomorrow on January 1st,  I want you to do two things:

1. Congratulate yourself!

I would say now is a good time to not only set new goals for yourself but to also pat yourself on the back! You’ve done a lot this year. You’ve dealt with a lot of personalities… a lot of attitudes, including your own. *applause*


….here comes the hard part….


For the most part, how did you treat people in 2017?

  • It’s ok to be selfish but not to the point where you aren’t a person that someone you care about can call on.
    • I understand we have our moments, but that can spill over into how you treat those around you.
    • The way you talk to people matters. Sometimes it is not what you say it’s HOW you say it. If you’re someone who has been told that they have a rude tone…you should really look into it. (I’m one of them) I obviously don’t think that I sound rude but I’m realizing that when it comes to delivering a message, what I think doesn’t matter. What matters is the how the person on the other end receives it. If they think it, other people probably do too and you owe it to yourself to be better.

I feel like self-evaluation is so hard because if you’re anything like me then you have a hard time seeing when you’re wrong. For many others, the “this is how I am” excuse tends to surface frequently.

Let’s let go of the “that’s just how I am” mentality…if you care about progressive change, and you care about the relationships and impacts that you have on people, then you won’t allow yourself to be stagnant. 

I BET YOU WON’T: (but I hope you try it)

  1. Ask the people closest to you how you can be a better, friend/sister/brother/boyfriend/girlfriend/son/daughter etc.

For example: “Mom, how can I be a better daughter to you. What do you need from me?

They’ll be shocked that you asked and it will instantly make them feel like you care about how they feel. 

Don’t let “who you are” hold you back. *sent with slam effect*

 Reevaluate your interactions with people. Did the way you interacted with someone OR your lack thereof hold you back from moving forward in some way? 

In 2018 we won’t let our anxiety cause us to forego opportunities to make new connections. In 2018 we won’t let the fear of looking lame stop us from asking for help. We will no longer use the “they should know” mentality when it comes to showing our appreciation/love for those closest to us. We won’t let the fear of being rejected stop us from pursuing what we desire. We won’t allow ourselves and our craft to be shaped by the norms/trends of social media. We will embrace who we are. We will give our support/love without expecting anything in return. And most importantly we will take ourselves seriously before we expect anyone else to do so. IMG_0327

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