The TRUTH About Law School:

Hey y’all! Thanks for reading!

I didn’t title this post, “The TRUTH About Law School” to imply that everything you have been told about law school is a lie. My reasoning is solely based on my OWN false realities. I think I am finally getting into a groove of my own, and I am ready to share!


1. So if you’re thinking that law school is this place where everyone is “professional” ….that’s a lie.

2. If you think that you will have absolutely no life in law school….false.

3. If you think that you will find your husband or wife here…kind of true, mostly false.


1. The truth to this lie depends on what your definition of “professional” is. Here I am, a naive 22 year old excited about being in school with so many professional people. WRONG. Unfortunately people are still people in every stage of life. This means that yes, people still talk about others behind their backs. Girls still don’t like you because their crush spoke to you. Guys still run their mouths about girls and their personal business. And lastly, people here will do anything to be at the top. It gets pretty ugly. For whatever reason I thought that people somehow evolved into these super mature beings…I mean, we are studying law right??? Well this may not be the case at your school. With that being said, focus on what is important, be friendly but don’t count on making a million friends, and ultimately be a genuine person. The game is dirty but you don’t have to be!

2. Ugh, this is the myth that I hate the most. I️ won’t say that it isn’t true to a certain extent, but for me, it is the furthest from the truth. Law school, as with anything else, is all about balance! You have to know who you are as a person. Do not get caught up in what everyone around “claims” they are doing. People lie to seem smart, so don’t allow them to pressure you into a lifestyle that may not be a good fit for you! I personally need down time. I use my weekends to the fullest extent! I work hard during the week and I do work ahead of time just so I can enjoy a Sunday funday here and there! It is possible to still enjoy life while in law school. I have to make everything I do enjoyable in order for me to be successful! I️f you’re anything like me, trust me, you will thank yourself for taking a break from the books.

3. Ok so this isn’t completely a lie! Some people do end up finding the love of their life in school. I️ wouldn’t suggest going in to the school year with that at the forefront of your brain. The guy you’re eyeing and the girl you think is cute probably will be more focused on their studies than being distracted by you. For me, emotions are a distraction. I wouldn’t want to date anyone at my school for the simple fact that, if things don’t work out….I still have to either sit in class with them or worse….potentially go against them in trial LOL! Again, just please please remember why you are where you are.


1. I didn’t know how the grading system worked before coming to school! It is nothing like undergrad at all! Your grades for the first year kind of depend on how well your section does as a whole. Crazy right? Yea, so basically depending on the teacher, usually you only have one or two grades for each class which are the midterm and final grades. The highest grade sets the A and there can only be so many As, Bs, Cs etc. This can be a little discouraging, but again, focus on yourself! Don’t be distracted by what people are saying around you because AGAIN…PEOPLE LIE!!!

2. Don’t talk to other people after you take a test. You’ll have anxiety for a month until you find out your grade! (I did lol) People like to tell you that your thought process is incorrect blah blah blah, but the cool thing about law school is, you can have the wrong answer but if your arguments are bomb then your professor will still give you the points you deserve!!! You just have to trust yourself!

3. Study groups are not for everyone. The idea is nice…but in reality I end up getting carried away with talking and I’ll look up and 2 hours are gone. Heartbreaking. I would suggest doing you work alone first and then coming together as a study group to reinforce what you have already studied!

Hope this was helpful for anyone interested in attending law school! I️f there are any other questions you have or would like for me to answer feel free to comment below or reach out to me on social media! All platforms: @jaylinpalin


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