I don’t think I want to share my New Year goals with anyone.

No offense but, yea. I’m leaning towards privacy for a couple of reasons:

The reasons I have listed below have come as a result of me realizing things about myself, and not from anything that someone has done to me specifically. I’m just interested in the outcome.

 For me, sharing goals creates unnecessary added pressure.     

  •  I have always been one of those people that enjoyed sharing goals, sometimes because it’s just fun to discuss what you want out of life, and sometimes because I felt like it created a sense of accountability. I’m not necessarily wrong in terms of it creating accountability, but recently I’ve been feeling like I don’t like the kind of accountability it brings forth. Have you noticed that sometimes when too many people know your goals they like to check up on you and see if you’ve actually started. Depending on the person this may not have any bad intention behind it, but what if you haven’t started quite yet?? Now, I sound like I wasn’t serious in the first place. And, now…the pressure is on. Now you’re beating yourself up for not having gotten started. What is the point of that? I would much rather only have to deal with self-inflicted self-reflection, as opposed to a sense of guilt and embarrassment that you may feel when your shortcomings are pointed out by someone else.
  • Social media definitely plays a part in this too. I think the new wave is labeling and announcingwhat your #goals are, whether they be relationship, career, or kid goals. (yea, kid goals are weird) It can be nice to share but now you have that many more people checking your social media story thinking to themselves, “how are they doing this when they just said they want to ________.” Annoying. Lol, and I’m guilty of doing it personally. Wouldn’t the world be better if we all minded our own business? Yea I know. But, then again, it’s easier for people to stay out of your business when you keep it to yourself. *shrugs*.

There is such thing as changing your goals. It doesn’t mean you gave up.

  • Sometimes when you have made people aware of your goals, and you change your mind about them they, give you that, “yea, she wasn’t serious” look. Lol, the one where they give you that fake smile or laugh followed by an “ohhhh ok.” They mean no harm, but now you feel compelled to explain yourself. S/o to you if you don’t, but me? I have a really bad habit of forgetting that I don’t owe anyone an explanation. I own it, and I’m working on it lol.
  • Only you know why you have decided not to go forward with pursuing your goal. Only you deserve an explanation as to why you have changed your mind. I think it may be that guilt factor creeping back in at this point. You’ve posted on all of your social media sites your goals, and told half of the office/class. So now, because you are probably worried about what they will think of you, you feel obligated to announce your change of heart. Changing your mind does not mean that you gave up. It means that you may have had a realization worth changing your path, that need not be explained.

This post doesn’t mean that I’m isolating myself from everyone. Of course I will still share with the people closest to me, and I encourage you to do the same. We all need a support system, and sometimes maybe even a friendly reminder of why we set our goals in the first place. Ultimately, it is ok to keep some things to yourself. Protect your peace.

Ready for you 2018 ✨


  1. Love it! I think there’s something awesome about working on goals in private. In any case I feel like there’s always a level of judgment when you post your goals. You find out who your true friends are and who just are your friend for the “likes”. I love the point about changing a goal can look or feel like failure. With perfectionism I struggle with this so much. I just want to achieve my goal the way I planned!!! But being flexible about your methods or your goal is a great way to get to success and it’s way less stress in the long run for the same result!

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  2. Hi,
    that’s a great post. Yes, I feel like I can share some of my goals but some are quite personal and I wouldnt like to tell EVERYONE around about them 😉 I thought you may be interested in my two recent blog posts about setting goals as well if you have a moment: mindset4progress.wordpress.com

    Happy New Year and all the best! 🙂

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