I’ve Experienced the HBCU Hype! #HomecomingSZN

The best time of year besides May is between the months of October and January! I love holidays. I love quality time. I love the spirit above all things. It’s like these months were made for bringing you and those you love closer together.

The holidays are near, but right now…it is HomecomingSZN. This is the time of year when most schools have their homecoming games and festivities. As some of you may know I attended a predominantly white institution for undergrad (although, recently we became a majority-minority school). From the time I began college and even now in my post-grad time, the debate about whether an HBCU is better than a PWI continues to resurface.

My opinion…..

The only thing better is what you perceive as better. The political answer, I know, but seriously! Who gets to decide which institution is better for you other than YOU! Better in what way exactly??

I currently attend an HBCU for law school and I can honestly say there is a tremendous difference between the two. I’ll name a few:

  1. The amenities at the PWI I attended were more extensive than the ones available to me now. (more than one elevator, better food options, better student housing etc.)
  2. The administration at the PWI I attended was a bit more timely than what I have experienced now as far as relaying information.
  3. The comfort level I feel at my HBCU is through the roof compared to how I felt at my PWI. Everyone seems and acts like they really love and care about you.
  4. Last on my list (reminder this is not an exhaustive list), HOMECOMING is way more LIT at an HBCU than at my PWI….


This year my linesisters and I took on Prarie View A&M University Homecoming and it was unlike anything I have ever experienced! They don’t sell turkey legs at my PWI’s homecoming let’s just put it that way lol! The music was great! The vibes were great! I felt like I was at the biggest family reunion ever and I barely knew anyone there. I just love black people so much and I appreciate it when we can all come together and celebrate anything. The Dj played line dancing music and the entire field knew the dance, just beautiful! All of the fraternities and sororities were in full effect during the tailgate. I simply did not want to come back to reality *sigh* All I can say is that I thank God for a safe trip there and back. I thank Him for the ability to celebrate a wonderful school with wonderful people. Lastly, my PWI better come with it this homecoming season! It will be my first one back as alumni and I’m looking to be impressed lol! Stay tuned yall!IMG_1391


  1. Good story! Lol … I like your 4 points! I get it!

    So I attended University of Florida, PWI and my best friend attended Florida State, just down the road from FAMU…. so my college experience was me getting my education at a PWI but driving 2 hrs to visit the bestie to turn up at FAMU’s homecoming! #NoExperienceLikeIt

    Very different experiences, but both contributed equally to my growth.

    Good observations on both!

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  2. The homecomings at HBCU are like nothing else. I used to attend Texas Southern University. I truly miss it there but I’m glad that I’m able to experience both realities. Either way, the main reason of going to college is to receive a education. I personally don’t think people should even be so worried about which is better. As long as you’re attending. You winning. BTW I wanted to say I love your blog and I’m glad that I’m able to hear a perspective of a black law student. I’m currently deciding if I want to take that step after graduating from undergrad.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing ☺️ Really appreciate your comments, and I️’m happy you’ve found my posts helpful! I️t’s awesome you’re considering law school! Let me know if I can help!


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