#LawStudent #WithALife: I Studied in the Car

#WithALife I created this hashtag because I believe in balance. Enjoying life shouldn’t stop because you have new responsibilities. No matter what you do remember that you can do it #WithALife.

Skip down to “Austin…” if you want to read about my time in Austin this weekend minus my schpeel about school!

Midterm week is here (AHHHHH)…well today is Sunday, and my 1st midterm in law school is on Wednesday (If you’re a prayerful person please pray that I do well <3). So, of course, I took an impromptu trip to Austin, TX!

My very good friend from school was going to Austin to celebrate her friend’s birthday. When she asked me if I wanted to tag-a-long initially I was looking at my own self crazy for even considering it!

Here I am…falling victim to the “you have no life when you’re in law school” propaganda many people try to make you believe. I’m here to tell all those aspiring to go to law school that you can still be human and enjoy life.

Honesty Hour: Lately I have not been feeling too enthusiastic about school. I stay up every night until 2am and usually have to wake up at either 5:30am or 7:00am…I’m always reading and my mind is constantly going. The workload is so intense to the point where you feel guilty taking time to do things that YOU want to do. I’m sorry but I can’t live like that…and I won’t.

It is important to know what works best for you. I’ve learned that lesson early on, and this stage in my life reiterated that statement completely. Staying the library 7 days a week is not ideal (but I have some classmates who literally sleep there). If I get to the point where something I’m doing isn’t enjoyable anymore I will not put my best effort in. #KnowYourself A person like me NEEDS to close the book for a day or two and reconvene with a refreshed brain!

But, the scholar in me can’t let all my time go unaccounted for! I brought my notes on the road, and my friend and I quizzed each other over concepts and asked practice questions back and forth. Where there’s a will there’s a way.


Austin was GREAT! I have a love/hate relationship with the short trips I take! It’s just enough time for me to experience the vibe of a city but not enough for me to truly embrace it all. Austin, although I wasn’t able to see all of you, know that you are a beautiful city!

I didn’t know Austin literally had houses in the hills! I was born in Austin and I never really had plans of living there, but if I do I’ll definitely be living in one of those!

My friend took to me to The Domain. Absolutely bomb! If you ever go to Austin and are looking to shop this outdoor mall gets my highest praise! Beautiful scenery and great food options…couldn’t have gotten any better.

6th Street is an Austin staple! 6th Street gives me a hipster version of Bourbon Street vibe. Tons of people walking up and down the street hopping from bar to bar. 6th is great for people watching, but not for heels ladies..my feet were screaming, but I had to commit. I’m not much of a club-goer in general though. My favorite part of going out is getting dressed and taking pictures at the function lol. Other than that I’m more in my element when I’m in a calmer environment surrounded by fewer people. But I made the most of it nonetheless.

We ate at this place called P.Terry’s…yum! I got a veggie burger and it was bomb!!! I love it when I find a burger joint that is inclusive to this degree! Thanks for a good time Austin xoxo

img_2656*heads to the library*


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