What Happens When You THINK You’ve Finally Gotten What You Want…..

I created a blog so that I could share my experiences, both good and bad, with anyone who feels inclined to read. With that being said, here I am with an experience. I’m not sure if I want to classify this as “good” or “bad”….I’ll just say, it’s life.

So I met this guy (lol don’t get your hopes up) at a birthday party for my cousin. The eye contact drew me in and I must admit the roughness of a guy from the hood has always been a guilty pleasure of mine (don’t ask…just go along lol). So cool, we exchange numbers after we talked all night. He seemed to be exactly what I wanted! I want someone who listens, has a sense of humor, admires me like I’m a mariage in the Saharrah, and most importantly is down to earth. Check. Check. Check….Check.

Things moved fast…not in a physical way but in the sense that he openly expressed his intentions, was willing to try vegan food on our first date, and kept me company while I did homework. All of this within 4 days! I was pleasantly surprised and for a second I thought that he and I were really working towards something.

                                      Plot Twist 

Yea well things went south because I didn’t text him back fast enough during the day. I didn’t have a desire to sacrifice studying to hang out and apparently I was not willing to put forth the same amount of effort as he was. It’s the 5th day of me knowing the man and he already has taken me on a guilt trip worse than the ones from my mom lol.

My 5-day relationship was an eyeopener, to say the least. But I want to end this post with some encouragement for my ALL MY SINGLE LADIES, all my single ladies….

Don’t be discouraged. Maximize your singleness. Keep God first. Appreciate people for the lessons they teach you and leave it at that. There is nothing wrong with you. Be purposeful while you wait (for your man, for an answer, for anything). Continue to use each day you are blessed with as an opportunity to better yourself so that when the time comes you can attract the best version of your soulmate!

Thanks for reading yall!

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