Getting to Know Yourself is Always More Important:


You know how people say, “everything is a learning experience”? Well, I’m going to go ahead and endorse that phrase as true because GIRL! If I didn’t do anything else in the great city of Washington D.C. this past weekend I definitely learned a little bit more about myself. In a good way! Well, I try to see the good in everything, which takes work if you aren’t used to changing your perception. For me, I choose happiness every time. It hasn’t always been this way, but thank God for progress, right?


So I went to D.C. to visit and spend time with a friend. This friend was a guy and a total gentleman! I thank God for the opportunity to explore a new city as well as get to know someone new. Meeting new people allows you to engage in conversations you have never had before as well as challenges who you are as a person. Especially if you are a person who thinks they have absolutely no flaws.


Ok so here’s the part where I talk about what I learned about myself

My personality is one of a kind. It takes a special kind of person to really click and mesh well with me.

I don’t want you all to think I’m difficult or obnoxious because that’s not the case…at least I don’t think so.


List of things I’ve observed about myself:

  1. I am a legit morning person. Maybe not like a 5 and 6 AM morning person, but definitely an 8 and 9 AM morning person. As soon as I am awake I am ready to take on the world! I mean…why not, life is a gift! Opening my eyes is a present. Shoutout to God!
  2. I like to talk. Silence almost makes me uncomfortable, until I get to a comfort level with that person to where the silence isn’t making me second guess myself. I’m not a chatterbox to the point where I don’t know when. Like I’m pretty good at catching social cues. But I will say that I find myself driving conversations more often than not. That is something that I want to work on.
  3. I would like to think that I am a very grateful person. I appreciate the smallest things. I appreciate all that people do for me and I try to make my gratitude known as much as I can as best as I can. With my attitude of appreciation also comes a sense of excitement even with the smallest experience.
  4. I am very vocal. This part of my personality sometimes gets me in trouble and pushes people away, BUT you will never be confused about how I’m feeling. (I personally think that’s a plus lol, but hey)
  5. I like to plan. Planning ahead makes me feel as though I have some sort of control over a situation. This aspect of my personality doesn’t mix well with people who like to “go with the flow” WHAT FLOW?!? Lol, but hey that’s why they are them and I am Jaylin. I get worried/annoyed when there is no plan or when I feel as though a situation is out of my control. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all situations. I can’t possibly plan for everything, but if I have the ability to do so, best believe my mind is working on a plan of execution no matter the situation.
  6. I am very considerate. Again, at least I would like to think I am. I am someone who is always thinking of how others feel. Mostly because I try my hardest to treat people the way I would like to be treated…so basically I WANT PEOPLE TO BE CONSIDERATE! There are times when it is necessary to put yourself first and the feelings of others on the back burner, but in my day to day life I try to be as thoughtful and considerate as possible. This includes being considerate of other people’s time, their personalities, their likes and dislikes, and them as a person over all.
  7. I am emotional/sensitive the whole nine. I’m not a cry baby by any means, but as I am a considerate person I make the mistake of expecting others to be the same way, or just as thoughtful or put for the same amount of effort, and we all know life doesn’t tend to work that way. Me being vocal means that I have no problem expressing my emotions. This can make me seem as though I am super sensitive which is not the case at all. It’s a simple as this: if I feel awkward I will let you know. Sad? Yep, you’ll know. Happy? Yall get the point lol. I am aware of how my emotions can differ, and how my expression of them can be helpful or harmful to a relationship. But I haven’t quite learned how not to take everything so personal. Or how not to think that I am a problem. Or how to properly deal with some of my emotions and prevent them take over my whole being if I’m being completely honest…. But the first step to being better is acknowledgment.


I’ll wrap this post up with the ways that I have learned I must deal with people who I do not necessarily click with (and how to go about my life in general):


  1. You can’t take everything personally. (Still working on it) but yeah, this is important especially for me because I tend to over think the smallest things. I’ll think myself into a funk.
  2. If you are like me and have a desire to plan or have some sort of control, swallow this pill really’ll calm you down lol. YOU ONLY HAVE CONTROL OVER ONE PERSON! The quicker you learn that the quicker you learn it is not the situation that has to change, it is you. You have to be the one willing to relinquish your desire for control and internalize that your perception and your reactions to a situation are all you can control. Sometimes a positive outlook and the ability to control how you react are all you need to get through any situation unscathed.
  3. Keep learning about yourself. Keep challenging yourself to be a better person. Accept the fact that you are not perfect. Understand that a loss is not necessarily a loss, but instead a short term opportunity to dig deeper within yourself. (ha, there’s that positive perception working for me)


I enjoyed my time getting to know a friend and I appreciate him for the experience! I had a lot of firsts while in D.C. and for that, I will always be grateful. I was given the opportunity to practice what I preach: not to force anything. If it’s meant to be I personally feel like it will happen, and it will feel ever so natural. I’m proud of myself for LISTENING to myself. In the past, I would love the idea of someone or something and subconsciously try and force it to work. That’s not cool. It’s not fair to yourself or the other person(s) involved. Learn when to let go, be graceful when you do it, and always maintain your self-respect.


That’s all for now! Thanks for reading y’all



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