I Want to Go to Law School, Now What: LSAT

Hey y’all, thanks for reading! If you are here I’m sure you are either interested in or planning on taking the LSAT. For those of you who are reading just because you want to hear my thoughts, awww hey! Ok so the LSAT is the Law School Admissions Test and every student who wants to go to law school has to take it. 

In this post I will share my methods of preparation for the LSAT. First…a few disclaimers:

  1. I was a full time student in undergrad while studying for the LSAT.
  2. I did not take a prep course. (They are pretty pricey but by all means if you have the means to do so do it!)

I was a working two jobs and a full time student during the time I was preparing for the test. I have always been the type of person who wanted to have continuity within my educational career. I know that if I were to take a break between school I would feel as if I lost my mojo or just get complacent. I do think that if I would have waited and worked for a year before applying then I probably could’ve have saved for a class. But, hindsight is 20/20.

I’m sure you guys are already thinking I’m crazy. I’d like to think that I’m just really determined and self sufficient. I will figure anything out. With that being said, here’s my study regimen:

  • I got a calendar and marked off 8 weeks backward from the test date. This would give me 8 weekends to take a practice test in a real test taking setting so that by the time I take the real thing I’ll have been well prepared.
  • During the week I studied for about 4 hrs a day total. An hour here and there.
  • I studied by taking old LSATs that were administered years ago. I figured the best way to learn a test is to take it.
  • I would watch videos for hours on youtube and practice the logic games.

                                              Test Day

Ok well this was my first attempt….

I took the LSAT twice.

So long story short I misunderstood the directions given at the beginning about bubbling your answers. I thought that I could return and bubble after a finish a section and that was not the case…so yea I cancelled my score…and cried for like two days. I just felt like such a rookie.

Second time’s a charm, Yass!

This test went well and it was cool because I got all my jitters of from the first test! My score wasn’t in the genius realm but it was in the “Okay girl, you better work!” realm. So I used those to apply to the ONE school that I did apply to…lol don’t be like me. Your nerves will be bad.

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