Post Grad Life Series (Basically what to do once you graduate college…mostly what I did after I graduated college, but yea)

(Skip down to the *OK HERE IS THE POINT* section if you want to get to the point I guess)

Here I am, close to two months since graduation from the University of North Texas. I’m in my office by the way, at my desk an hour before I’m supposed to be here because I like to take time for myself before work to do things I like to do i.e. blog. or scroll through Instagram, or write in my journal etc.

I currently work as a legal assistant for a family attorney. I thank God for this opportunity because in all honesty life after graduation is scary. Well, scary if you’re someone like me who needs to know exactly what is happening next in life. So I have always been some what of a planner not even because I’m the most organized, but because I feel so lost when I don’t have a plan of action.

I’m holding a gavel in the picture because I fancy the idea of becoming a judge. In order to do that I have to become a practicing attorney for a number of years before I can run for the position. Sooooo, my next stop in life is Thurgood Marshall School of Law. I am beyond excited and thankful that I will be attending school because the post grad depression was on its way to my door *sigh*. It’s just something about having a degree and feeling like you’re at a standstill that really made me want to kind of um…lay in bed.


I titled this a blog “series” because I want to create a series of blog posts that are related to the topic of “Post Grad Life”. Through each post I will talk about my time leading up to graduation as far as what I did to prepare myself for life after I graduate (also what I should’ve done), the process/struggles of applying to law school and getting in, and things I did keep myself stress free and in a positive space during a time where I felt/feel like life is happening and I’m just trying to keep up!

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